Devarana Ngmab Tamrab Essence

Devarana Spa has created the unique Ngmab Tamrab with Thai flowers such as Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang including fresh honey. This special floral Ngmab Tamrab is called “Thipramjuan” which means the divine floral water that everyone sigh for.        

Treatment starts with Thipramjuan Body Scrub, the serene body scrub which blends Ngmab essence with aromatic flower oils and Thai White Clay including Aloe Vera Gel. This refreshing scrub helps replenishing and calming sensitive skin. Therapist ends the summer essential treatment with oil massage of choice using the cool and fresh scent of Jasmine and Peppermint. This refreshing

Devarana Ngmab Tamrab Essence is available throughout March and April 2018 at all Devarana Spas.