Devarana Herb Tamrab for Monsoon Escape (All Locations)

Devarana Spa introduced a special spa package featuring an invigorating, aromatic massage designed to revitalize anyone suffering from depression, fatigue, or an imbalance of energy caused by the onset of the rainy season. 

Designed to promote a healthy body and mind by balancing overall life energy – known as Prana – the unique Monsoon Escape Massage treats muscles, tendons and joints with a Galangal aromatic oil blend. The long stroke techniques using elbow and forearm are seamlessly blended with the deep and firm pressure of fingers and palms to revitalize the body and melt stress and tension away. A bowl of hot water infused with freshly sliced onion, kaffir lime and aromatic peppermint, meanwhile, aids respiration.  

The 90-min Devarana Herb Tamrab for Monsoon includes:

90-min Monsoon Escape Massage  

Price:  THB 2,700 net, PHP 3,800 net (Manila) | USD 120++ (Maldives) êKSH 8,000 net (Nairobi) USD 135 net (Guam) | EGP 1,550 net (Cairo)

This treatment is available throughout May to July 2018 at all Devarana Spas.